Sarcoidosis : joint , muscle and bone involvement


Sarcoidosis is a multisystem granulomotous disease in which multiple organs, including the locomotor system, may be involved [1–5]. Osteoarticular manifestations of sarcoidosis may be specific or nonspecific. They may be the presenting feature or may occur late after onset, either isolated or combined with other clinical manifestations. Clinical features of joint involvement are found in 14% of cases at presentation, and up to 38% during follow-up [5]. The frequency of clinical muscle and bone involvement at presentation is low (v1%), and is found in 5–13% of patients during follow-up [5]. Locomotor involvement is often subclinical or not clinically recognised because of mild or unspecific symptoms in spite of a high prevalence on biopsy, as shown for muscle involvement [6]. Another systemic locomotor sequel is secondary osteoporosis, mostly due to glucocorticoid therapy [1].

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