Sarcoidosis is a Th1/Th17 multisystem disorder.

  title={Sarcoidosis is a Th1/Th17 multisystem disorder.},
  author={Monica Facco and Anna Cabrelle and Antonella Teramo and Valeria Olivieri and Marianna Gnoato and Sara Teolato and E. Lancaster Ave and Cristina Gattazzo and Gian Paolo Fadini and Fiorella Calabrese and Gianpietro Semenzato and Carlo Agostini},
  volume={66 2},
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Sarcoidosis is characterised by a compartmentalisation of CD4(+) T helper 1 (Th1) lymphocytes and activated macrophages in involved organs, including the lung. Recently, Th17 effector CD4(+) T cells have been claimed to be involved in the pathogenesis of granuloma formation. The objective of this study was to investigate the involvement of Th17 cells in the pathogenesis of sarcoidosis. METHODS Peripheral and pulmonary Th17 cells were evaluated by flow cytometry, real-time… CONTINUE READING