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Sarasaeschna gen. nov., with descriptions of female S. minuta (Asahina) and male penile structures of Linaeschna (Anisoptera : Aeshnidae)

  title={Sarasaeschna gen. nov., with descriptions of female S. minuta (Asahina) and male penile structures of Linaeschna (Anisoptera : Aeshnidae)},
  author={Haruki Karube and Wen Chi Yeh},

A New Species and Additional Records of the Genus Sarasaeschna from Laos and Vietnam ( Odonata , Anisoptera , Aeshnidae )

A new species- group, lieni-group, is proposed to accommodate these species; it is characterized by the following features of the male penile organ: the 4th segment is elongate with crest-like ventrobasal sclerotized plates.

Description of a new species of the genus Sarasaeschna Karube & Yeh, with a key to the species of Taiwan (Odonata: Anisoptera: Aeshnidae).

Judging from male penile structure, this species is considered to belong to the pryeri-group of its genus, and easily distinguished from all known congeners in having peculiar sickle-shaped cerci in male.

Sundaeschna gen . nov . with Descriptions of Two New Species from Vietnam and Myanmar ( Odonata , Anisoptera , Aeshnidae )

This new genus resembles the genus Sarasaeschna in the tribe Gomphaeschnini, but is easily distinguished by the structure of the fourth penile segment and by the pigmental spots on the posterior margins of all wings.

First record of hawker dragonflies from Eocene Baltic amber (Odonata: Anisoptera: Gomphaeschnidae).

The first record of hawker dragonflies from Baltic amber is described in a new genus with two new species: Elektrogomphaeschna peterthieli gen. et sp.

Description of Heliocypha vantoli spec. nov. from Siberut in the Mentawai Islands (Odonata: Chlorocyphidae).

Heliocypha vantoli Hämäläinen, spec. nov. [holotype ♂ from Indonesia, Mentawai Islands (off Sumatra), Siberut Island, 29-31 January 2013, deposited at RMNH, Leiden, The Netherlands] is described and

Dragonflies and damselflies (Insecta: Odonata) from the Late Eocene of the Isle of Wight

  • A. NelG. Fleck
  • Biology, Environmental Science
    Earth and Environmental Science Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh
  • 2013
This fauna has strong similarities with the Recent Afrotropical and Indo-Malayan Odonata, suggesting a warm palaeoclimate for the Late Eocene of the Isle of Wight.

Odonata of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China, part II: Anisoptera

The genus Atratothemis is established to receive a newly discovered libellulid species A. reelsi sp.

Critical species of Odonata in Japan

The current IUCN Red List does not sufficiently reflect present knowledge of the threat status of Odonata in Japan, and changes for an updated global Red List are suggested and explained.

Critical species of Odonata in China

The state of knowledge of China's Odonata is very much incomplete with many species awaiting description, especially from tropical and subtropical areas, as well as key threats to China's forest and surface waters.

Critical species of Odonata in Thailand and Indochina

Thailand has the most diverse and best known odonate fauna, but knowledge of the Laotian and Vietnamese fauna has increased rapidly over the last 10 years.