Saprophytic intracellular rhizobia in alfalfa nodules.

  title={Saprophytic intracellular rhizobia in alfalfa nodules.},
  author={Antonius C J Timmers and Eric Soup{\`e}ne and Marie Christine Auriac and Françoise de Billy and Jacques Vasse and Pierre Boistard and Georges L. Truchet},
  journal={Molecular plant-microbe interactions : MPMI},
  volume={13 11},
In indeterminate alfalfa nodules, the establishment of the senescent zone IV, in which both symbionts undergo simultaneous degeneration, has been considered, until now, as the end point of the symbiotic interaction. However, we now describe an additional zone, zone V, proximal to the senescent zone IV and present in alfalfa nodules more than 6 weeks old. In zone V, a new round of bacterial release occurs from remaining infection threads, leading to the reinvasion of plant cells that have… CONTINUE READING

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