Sanitary quality of the rivers in the Communities of Manguinhos´ Territory, Rio de Janeiro, RJ

  title={Sanitary quality of the rivers in the Communities of Manguinhos´ Territory, Rio de Janeiro, RJ},
  author={Natasha Berendonk Handam and Jos{\'e} Augusto Albuquerque dos Santos and Antonio Henrique Almeida de Moraes Neto and A. Duarte and {\'E}. D. L. Alves and Maria Jos{\'e} Salles and Adriana Sotero-Martins},
  journal={Revista Ambiente \& {\'A}gua},
Sanitation actions are rare in the communities of Manguinhos, so evaluation of the sanitary conditions of the river waters and the peridomestic soils of the communities allows the diagnosis of the risk of contamination. This study evaluated coliform levels (total coliforms and Escherichia coli ) by the filter membrane method, and parasitological (by adapted Lutz and Baermann-Moraes methods) in the waters and soils of the Faria-Timbo, Jacare and Canal do Cunha Rivers that pass through the… Expand

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