[Sanitary interest of carbonic, carbogaseous or acidulated waters].


The intention of this Communication is to highlight the main characteristics of the carbonic, carbogaseoses or acidulated waters of the Spanish legislation, as therapeutics agent as well as bottled drinking waters. These waters stimulate the secretion and motility of the digestive apparatus and if they are given by oral way in a correct amount, they have diuretic effects. In balneation they also introduce a vasodilatation, effect due to the penetration of the gas carbonic into the skin and its contact with the vascular walls, but this practice is not common in Spain.

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@article{Valenzuela2002SanitaryIO, title={[Sanitary interest of carbonic, carbogaseous or acidulated waters].}, author={Manuel Armijo Valenzuela}, journal={Anales de la Real Academia Nacional de Medicina}, year={2002}, volume={119 1}, pages={175-88; discussion 188-96} }