Sandwich problem for Π- and Δ-free multigraphs and its applications to positional games


An n-multigraph G = (V ; Ei | i ∈ I) is a complete graph G = (V , E) whose edges are covered by n = |I| sets, E = ∪i∈I Ei, some of which might be empty. If this cover is a partition, then G is called an n-graph. We say that an n-graph G = (V ; E ′ i | i ∈ I) is an edge subgraph of an n-multigraph G = (V ; Ei | i ∈ I) if E ′ i ⊆ Ei for all i ∈ I . We denote… (More)
DOI: 10.1016/j.disc.2015.06.010


5 Figures and Tables

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