Sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for naringin.

  title={Sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for naringin.},
  author={Huihua Qu and Xueqian Wang and Baoping Qu and Hui Kong and Yue Zhang and Wenchao Shan and Jinjun Cheng and Qingguo Wang and Yan Zhao},
  journal={Analytica chimica acta},
Among the currently used immunoassay techniques, sandwich ELISA exhibits higher specificity, lower cross-reactivity, and a wider working range compared to the corresponding competitive assays. However, it is difficult to obtain a pair of antibodies that can simultaneously bind to two epitopes of a molecule with a molecular weight of less than 1000 Da. Naringin (Nar) is a flavonoid with a molecular mass of 580 Da. The main aim of this study was to develop a sandwich ELISA for detecting Nar. Two… CONTINUE READING
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