Sand dune fixation: A solar‐powered Sahara seawater pipeline macroproject

  title={Sand dune fixation: A solar‐powered Sahara seawater pipeline macroproject},
  author={Viorel Badescu and Richart B. Cathcart and Alexander A. Bolonkin},
  journal={Land Degradation \& Development},
The paper proposes macro‐engineering using tactical technologies that stabilize and vegetate barren near‐coast sand dune fields with seawater. Seawater that would otherwise, as commonly postulated, increase the Earth–ocean volume. Anthropogenic saturation of the ground with pumped seawater should fix widespread active sand dune fields in deserts (such as the westernmost Sahara). Seawater extraction from the ocean, and its deposition on dune sand, is made via solar‐powered pipeline… 

Dune Sand Fixation: Mauritania Seawater Pipeline Macroproject

Wide-spreading actively migratory sand dune fields are mainly found in the Earth’s climatically designated desert regions—“hot deserts” cover ~14.2% of Earth’s land (Peel et al. 2007; Parsons and

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