San Diego–Tijuana: Not quite a binational city or region

  title={San Diego–Tijuana: Not quite a binational city or region},
  author={Glen Sparrow},
The cities of San Diego and Tijuana have faced each other across the international boundary for over 100 years. The question raised by this article is whether they comprise a binational city or region. After a brief comparison of their histories, economies and political systems, a review of some indications of cross border attitudes and a discussion of binational regionalism as it is impacted by continentalism, it is concluded that the relationship between these cities is driven by factors of… 
Cierre de fronteras, libre comercio y migrantes: el área binacional de San Diego – Tijuana como resultado inesperado
This research project analyzes the emergence of binational areas and cities across the border between the US and Mexico. In this sense, it seems that this phenomenon has experienced a steady and
Managing Cross-Border Conflicts Through Volunteer Commitment: A Comparative Study Between Religious and Non-profit Organizations in the San Diego–Tijuana Area
Results show that commitment may become a key determinant of the volunteers’ identity linked to strategies devoted to organizational activities, and the role played by attitudes toward non-government institutions such as religious and NPOs demonstrating the relevance of volunteer commitment.
Managing Cross-Border Conflicts Through Volunteer Commitment: A Comparative Study Between Religious and Non-profit Organizations in the San Diego-Tijuana Area.
San Diego and Tijuana configure two big cities that have faced each other across the international boundary between United States and Mexico for over 180 years. Within this context, the relationship
Border Planning in the San Diego-Tijuana Region: Local Planning and National Policy
Globalization processes are changing the roles of borders around the world. It is considered that with globalization border regions gain independence from their national capitals and are in a
Economic Integration, Emerging Fields and Cross-border Governance: The Case of San Diego–Tijuana
ABSTRACT The border cities of San Diego and Tijuana have experienced increasing cross-border economic, social and political relationships that have brought about the need for increasing governance of
The utopia of the binational city
Kerkrade and Herzogenrath, on the German-Dutch border, look back at a common past in the former Land of Rode. This ceased to exist in 1815 when the border was drawn between Prussia and The
Trapped at the Border: The Difficult Integration of Veterans, Families, and Christians in Tijuana
The chapter characterizes Tijuana, Mexico, as a deportation city partly due to the large numbers of Mexican migrants deported to the city by the U.S. government. Adjacent to Southern California,
Tweeting Over The Border: An Empirical Study of Transnational Migration in San Diego and Tijuana
This work uses geo located information obtained from Twitter as to understand transnational migration patterns between two border cities (San Diego, USA and Tijuana, Mexico) and depicts a trans national community structure that exhibits the formation of a functional metropolitan area that physically transcends international borders.
Environmental Health and Policy at the Tijuana-San Diego Border
Immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border, walls and security, and drug trafficking, are among the most deliberated policy issues in the U.S.’s political climate. As a result, policies and international
Cross-border Life in an American Exclave: Point Roberts and the Canada–US Border
Located in the periphery of countries, border towns were traditionally associated with remoteness and neglect, while assuming a significant military role in the defense of territories. This situation


[Immigration, race, and security at the Mexico-California border].
  • R. Willoughby
  • Economics
    Cultures et conflits = Culturas y conflictos = Cultures and conflicts
  • 1997
The author suggests that the main concerns of Americans about immigration are with issues of race and security, and the conflict between the ideals of working toward a more democratic society and building more controls to create a more secure society.
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CITIES are the focal points in the occupation and utilization of t e earth by man. Both a product of and an influence on surrounding regions, they develop in definite patterns in response to economic
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SCOTT J. W. (1999) European and North American contexts for cross-border regionalism, Reg. Studies 33 , 605‐617. This paper discusses cross-border regionalism within the supranational contexts of the
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Preface Part One - Metropolitan Cities in the 21st Century Chapter 1- 21st Century Cities and Challenge of Urban Governance Chapter 2- The Emergence of Metropolitan America Part Two- The Ethnic and
Population and economics dynamics on the U . S . - Mexican border : Past , present and future
  • 2000
End of the Nation State
Binational Cities: People, Institutions and Structures