Samsung ARTIK Reference

  title={Samsung ARTIK Reference},
  author={Cliff Wootton},
Hardware Implementation of English to Regional Language Translator Using Arduino
An Anomaly Detection Method for Cloud Service Platform
  • P. Lou, Yun Yang, Junwei Yan
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings of the 2019 4th International Conference on Machine Learning Technologies
  • 2019
An anomaly detection method based on Max-min distance and Support vector data description (MMD-SVDD) is proposed and the result shows that it can accurately identity anomalies with lower system resource consumption.
An Industry 4.0 Solution for the Detection of Dangerous Situations in Civil Work Scenarios
This paper proposes an Industry 4.0 solution for the use of heavy equipment, where workers are provided with a beaming element, whose signal is received in a central node placed in the machinery, to create alarms and other messages to the driver.
The Importance of Being Thing Or the Trivial Role of Powering Serious IoT Scenarios
The article focuses on the domain of "Personal" IoT and will address key new requirements for such Thing architecture and present the ongoing efforts on the Atlas Thing Architecture showing how it supports a variety of thing notions, and how it enables novel models for programmability.