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Sampling and Genealogical Coverage in WALS

  title={Sampling and Genealogical Coverage in WALS},
  author={Eduardo Rivail Ribeiro and M. Cysouw and Karsten L{\`e}gere and H. F. Idris and Lionel M. Bender and John Kalespi and H. D. Sousa and Frank Seidel and Tom G{\"u}ldemann and Ian Tupper and Johanna Fenton and Randy Lebold and Willem F. H. Adelaar and Lyle Campbell and N. Cyffer and M. Mous and R. Zamponi},
WALS was designed with the goal of providing a “systematic answer” to questions about the geographical distribution of language features. In order to achieve this goal, there must be an adequate sample of the world’s languages included in WALS. In this paper we investigate to what extent WALS fulfils its aim of maximizing the genealogical diversity of the samples of languages included. For this we look at the core 200-sample (included on almost all maps) as well as the 1370-sample for the… Expand
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