Samples with high virus load cause a trend toward lower signal in feline coronavirus antibody tests.

  title={Samples with high virus load cause a trend toward lower signal in feline coronavirus antibody tests.},
  author={Marina L Meli and Paul Burr and Nicola Decaro and Elizabeth Y. Graham and O P Bede Jarrett and Hans Martin Lutz and Michael P. McDonald and Diane D Addie},
  journal={Journal of feline medicine and surgery},
  volume={15 4},
Measurement of feline coronavirus (FCoV) antibody titres is utilised mainly for diagnosing feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) and for quarantine purposes. However, occasional samples show a falsely low or negative FCoV antibody test. We tested the hypothesis that such results are due to virus in the sample binding antibody and rendering it unavailable to antigen in the test. Thirteen effusions, one plasma and three undefined samples from cats with FIP, which gave unexpectedly low FCoV antibody… CONTINUE READING
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