Salvia miltiorrhiza and ischemic diseases.

  title={Salvia miltiorrhiza and ischemic diseases.},
  author={X Y Ji and Boon Keat Tan and Y. Z. Zhu},
  journal={Acta pharmacologica Sinica},
  volume={21 12},
The demonstration of beneficial effects of salvia miltiorrhiza (DanShen) on ischemic diseases has revolutionized the management of angina pectoris, myocardial infarction (MI) or stroke in Chinese society. Experimental studies have shown that DanShen dilated coronary arteries, increased coronary blood flow, and scavenged free radicals in ischemic diseases, so that it reduced the cellular damage from ischemia and improved heart functions. Clinical trials also indicated that DanShen was an… CONTINUE READING


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