Salting the charged surface: pH and salt dependence of protein G B1 stability.

  title={Salting the charged surface: pH and salt dependence of protein G B1 stability.},
  author={Stina Lindman and Wei-Feng Xue and Olga Szczepankiewicz and Mikael C. Bauer and Hanna Nilsson and Sara Linse},
  journal={Biophysical journal},
  volume={90 8},
This study shows significant effects of protein surface charges on stability and these effects are not eliminated by salt screening. The stability for a variant of protein G B1 domain was studied in the pH-range of 1.5-11 at low, 0.15 M, and 2 M salt. The variant has three mutations, T2Q, N8D, and N37D, to guarantee an intact covalent chain at all pH values. The stability of the protein shows distinct pH dependence with the highest stability close to the isoelectric point. The stability is pH… CONTINUE READING


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