Salt and blood pressure: a community trial.

  title={Salt and blood pressure: a community trial.},
  author={J G Forte and Jos{\'e} Mar{\'i}a de Miguel and M. J. Garc{\'i}a de Miguel and F C De Padua and Geoffrey Rose},
  journal={Journal of human hypertension},
  volume={3 3},
The effect of a health education programme on salt reduction and blood pressure was studied in two matched rural communities in Portugal, each of about 800 adult inhabitants. Initial salt intake was high (about 360 mmol/person/day) and 30% of persons were hypertensive (DBP 95 mmHg or above). In the intervention community average blood pressure fell by 3.6/5.0 mmHg at one year and 5.0/5.1 mmHg at two years, due to a general distribution shift. In the control community diastolic pressures… CONTINUE READING

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