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Salt Polygons are Caused by Convection

  title={Salt Polygons are Caused by Convection},
  author={Jana Lasser and Joanna M. Nield and Marcel Ernst and V. Karius and Giles F. S. Wiggs and Lucas Goehring},
  • Jana Lasser, Joanna M. Nield, +3 authors Lucas Goehring
  • Published 2019
  • Mathematics, Physics
  • From fairy circles to patterned ground and columnar joints, natural patterns spontaneously appear in many complex geophysical settings. Here, we consider the origins of polygons in the crusts of salt playa and salt pans. These beautifully regular features, a meter or so in diameter, have a worldwide distribution and are important to the transport of salt and dust in arid regions, yet there has been no convincing mechanism known for their formation. We present the first evidence that they are… CONTINUE READING

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