Salt Marsh Morning-glory (Ipomoea sagittata, Convolvulaceae)—An Amphi-Atlantic Species

  title={Salt Marsh Morning-glory (Ipomoea sagittata, Convolvulaceae)—An Amphi-Atlantic Species},
  author={Daniel F. Austin},
  journal={Economic Botany},
Salt Marsh Morning-glory ( Ipomoea sagittata , Convolvulaceae)—An Amphi-Atlantic Species. The American species Ipomoea sagittata was reported in the southeastern United States in the 1720s by Englishman Mark Catesby and the Frenchman Pierre François Xavier de Charlevoix. Remarkably, in 1675, almost 50 years earlier, the same species had been collected and described from the Greek island of Zante in the Ionian Sea. This amphi-Atlantic distribution confounded scholars for the next several decades… CONTINUE READING


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