Salmonella infection of afferent lymph dendritic cells.

  title={Salmonella infection of afferent lymph dendritic cells.},
  author={Simon S. M. Chan and Pietro Mastroeni and Ian McConnell and Barbara Ann Blacklaws},
  journal={Journal of leukocyte biology},
  volume={83 2},
The interactions of Salmonella enterica subspecies I serotype Abortusovis (S. Abortusovis) with ovine afferent lymph dendritic cells (ALDCs) were investigated for their ability to deliver Maedi visna virus (MVV) GAG p25 antigens to ALDCs purified from afferent lymph. Salmonellae were found to enter ALDC populations by a process of cell invasion, as confirmed by electron and confocal microscopy. This led to phenotypical changes in ALDC populations, as defined by CD1b and CD14 expression. No… CONTINUE READING
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