Salmonella-induced M-cell formation in germ-free mouse Peyer's patch tissue.

  title={Salmonella-induced M-cell formation in germ-free mouse Peyer's patch tissue.},
  author={Tor C. Savidge and Micah Warren Smith and Peter S. James and Patrick Aldred},
  journal={The American journal of pathology},
  volume={139 1},
M cells present in Peyer's patch tissue transport enteric antigens for presentation to underlying lymphoid tissue to initiate immune responses against intestinal infection. Present work investigates how interactions taking place between bacteria, epithelial cells, and immunocytes could contribute to initial detection and later elimination of enteric antigens. Oral infection of germ-free mice with Salmonella typhimurium aroA- caused a twofold to threefold increase in M cell numbers, crypt depth… CONTINUE READING