Salmonella in surface waters of central New York state.

  title={Salmonella in surface waters of central New York state.},
  author={N C Dondero and Constance T. Thomas and Meena Khare and John F. Timoney and G M Fukui},
  journal={Applied and environmental microbiology},
  volume={33 4},
Six tributary streams and southern Cayuga Lake in central New York state were sampled for the presence of Salmonella on swabs immersed for 4 days. Of a total of 322 swabs, 39% yielded salmonellae. Swabs were cultured in tetrathionate enrichment at 41.5 degrees C. Isolations were made from brilliant green agar. Salmonellae were isolated from many sites on the streams and from some lake sites. Twenty-five serotypes (11 somatic antigen groups) and a distinct biotype of S. typhimurium (H2S negative… CONTINUE READING