Salivary osmolality in individuals with cerebral palsy.

  title={Salivary osmolality in individuals with cerebral palsy.},
  author={Maria Teresa Botti Rodrigues Santos and Renata de Oliveira Guar{\'e} and Mariana Ferreira Leite and Maria Cristina Duarte Ferreira and Marcelino de Souza Dur{\~a}o and Jos{\'e} Roberto de Brito Jardim},
  journal={Archives of oral biology},
  volume={55 11},
OBJECTIVE To measure the salivary flow rate, osmolality, electrolyte and total protein concentrations in individuals with cerebral palsy (CP). DESIGN Thirty-eight individuals with CP were divided according to the neuromotor abnormality type (total, spastic and dyskinectic) and compared to 22 nondisabled children (control group). Whole saliva was collected under slight suction. The salivary parameters studied were salivary flow rate, osmolality, sodium, potassium, chloride and total protein… CONTINUE READING