Saliva: its secretion, composition and functions

  title={Saliva: its secretion, composition and functions},
  author={William Michael Edgar},
  journal={British Dental Journal},
  • W. Edgar
  • Published 25 April 1992
  • Medicine
  • British Dental Journal
The secretions of the major and minor salivary glands, together with the gingival crevicular fluid, constitute the oral fluid or whole saliva which provides the chemical milieu of the teeth and oral soft tissues. The crucial role of saliva in the maintenance of dental health is demonstrated by the morbidity associated with loss of salivary gland function. In this article, the physiology of the secretory process, the reflex control of whole saliva flow rate, the composition of the fluid, the… 
Salivary secretion in health and disease
How various diseases and medical treatment including commonly prescribed medications and cancer therapies can affect salivary gland structure and function is focused on.
Salivary secretion, taste and hyposalivation.
The mechanism of salivary secretion, effect of saliva on taste, importance of saliva in oral health, andhyposalivation in relation to ageing, medicine and/or disease and management of hyposalivation are reviewed.
Saliva Composition and Function : A review.
This review provides fundamental information about the salivary system in terms of normal values for SF and composition and a comprehensive review of the factors that affect this important system.
Salivary functions in mastication, taste and textural perception, swallowing and initial digestion.
The mechanisms by which saliva acts in relation to taste, mastication, bolus formation, enzymatic digestion and swallowing, and the protective functions of saliva including maintenance of dental and mucosal integrity are provided.
A review of saliva: normal composition, flow, and function.
A brief, up-to-date overview of the literature on the basics of normal salivary composition, flow, and function is provided.
Saliva and its Importance in Complete Denture Prosthodontics
Knowledge of the salivary system and saliva is essential for evaluating prosthodontic problems and for educating patients in what to expect in this phase of denture use.
Infection Transmission by Saliva and the Paradoxical Protective Role of Saliva
Saliva composition and functions: a comprehensive review.
A strictly standardized collection must be made so the above-mentioned exams are able to reflect the real functioning of the salivary glands and serve as efficient means for monitoring health.