Salirophilia and other co-occurring paraphilias in a middle-aged male: A case study

  title={Salirophilia and other co-occurring paraphilias in a middle-aged male: A case study},
  journal={Journal of Concurrent Disorders},
  • Griffiths
  • Published 21 May 2019
  • Psychology
  • Journal of Concurrent Disorders
Salirophilia is a paraphilic sexual fetish in which individuals experience sexual arousal from soiling or disheveling the object of their desire. To date, there has been no academic or clinical research into salirophilia,and there are no published peer-reviewed papers – not even a single case study. Therefore, this paper presents the first case study account of a salirophile, a 58-year-old heterosexual male. The areas of interest that were examined included his background relating to childhood… 

Is there a place for sensory aspects and alternative representations in non-normative sexual interest research? Reflections from a study into dacryphilia

Research into normative sexual interests (e.g., paraphilias, fetishes, and unusual sexual practices) mainly collect qualitative data because of the low occurrence of such behaviors. Moreover, the



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It is reported that homogamy in humans is attained partly by sexual imprinting on the opposite–sex parent during childhood, and this effect may be modified by the quality of the father–daughter relationship during childhood.

The Role of Pavlovian Conditioning in Sexual Behavior: A Comparative Analysis of Human and Nonhuman Animals

The present paper serves to highlight the major empirical findings and theories of these two disparate bodies of literature, briefly discuss how they have emerged over time, and finally discuss their overlap and make connections between animal and human research on sexual arousal.

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It is concluded that there are many useful and practical advantages of using online research methodologies to examine sexually paraphilic behavior.

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