Salinity anomaly as a trigger for ENSO events

  title={Salinity anomaly as a trigger for ENSO events},
  author={Jieshun Zhu and Bohua Huang and Ronghua Zhang and Zeng-Zhen Hu and Arun Kumar and Magdalena Alonso Balmaseda and Lawrence Marx and James L. Kinter},
  booktitle={Scientific reports},
According to the classical theories of ENSO, subsurface anomalies in ocean thermal structure are precursors for ENSO events and their initial specification is essential for skillful ENSO forecast. Although ocean salinity in the tropical Pacific (particularly in the western Pacific warm pool) can vary in response to El Niño events, its effect on ENSO evolution and forecasts of ENSO has been less explored. Here we present evidence that, in addition to the passive response, salinity variability… CONTINUE READING