Salidroside alleviates cigarette smoke-induced COPD in mice.

  title={Salidroside alleviates cigarette smoke-induced COPD in mice.},
  author={Fen Luo and Jingyan Liu and Tianhua Yan and Mingxing Miao},
  journal={Biomedicine & pharmacotherapy = Biomedecine & pharmacotherapie},
The present study was to evaluate the effects of salidroside (Sal) on CS (cigarette smoke)-induced COPD in mice and explore its underlying mechanisms. 50 male ICR mice were randomly assigned to five groups: control group, CS group, CS+dexamethasone (2mg/kg) group, CS+salidroside (20mg/kg) group and CS+salidroside (40mg/kg) group. The COPD mice were induced by CS exposure for 8 weeks. The results of H&E staining demonstrated that Sal alleviated CS-induced pathological injury in lungs. Besides… CONTINUE READING