Sakai-Sugimoto model , Tachyon Condensation and Chiral symmetry Breaking

  title={Sakai-Sugimoto model , Tachyon Condensation and Chiral symmetry Breaking},
  author={Avinash Dhar and Partha Nag},
We modify the Sakai-Sugimoto model of chiral symmetry breaking to take into account the open string tachyon which stretches between the flavour D8-branes and D8-branes. There are several reasons of consistency for doing this: (i) Even if it might be reasonable to ignore the tachyon in the ultraviolet where the flavour branes and antibranes are well separated and the tachyon is small, it is likely to condense and acquire large values in the infrared where the branes meet. This takes the system… CONTINUE READING
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