Sailors, Scurvy, Science and Authority

  title={Sailors, Scurvy, Science and Authority},
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stacked against this. The distribution of private sector hospitals is uneven, with twothirds in the two Thames regions. Thus, what is proposed in Dr Harris's unit cannot be generalized unless there is a more even distribution of private hospitals within the serving catchment area. Moreover, selffunding patients and those funded bv medical insurance are usuallv unable to access community care from the private sector. If a local private sector unit can provide a service similar to that of the… 
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Sailors' scurvy before and after James Lind--a reassessment.
In recent decades revisionist historians have challenged normative accounts, including that of scurvy, and the historicity of Lind's trial, so it is timely to reassess systematically the strengths and weaknesses of the canonical saga.
Who was James Lind, and what exactly did he achieve
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Visitors to the Edinburgh University quadrangle in Teviot Place, which used to house the Medical School, are unlikely to miss the large plaque put up in 1955 by the Sunkist Growers of Citrus Fruit in
Causal (mis)understanding and the search for scientific explanations: a case study from the history of medicine.
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XV. Some experiments on substances resisting putrefaĉtion
  • J. Pringle
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Tho' an Inquiry into the manner how bodies are resolved by putrefaĉtion, with the means of accelerating or preventing that process, has been reckoned not only curious, but useful (a), yet we find it
A continuation of the experiments of substances resisting putrefaction
  • Lind ' s Treatise on Scurvy ; a Bicentenary Volume Containing a Reprint of the Ist edn of ' A Treatise of the Scurvy ' by James Lind , MD with Additional Notes
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Power and Prejudice: the Elimination of Scurvy From the Royal Navy 1747-1796
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Serv 1915;i: 1 86 Stress and cancer I appreciated Professor Wessely's description of my chapter in Handbook
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