Safety of fenbendazole in swine.


The safety of fenbendazole, an anthelmintic for use in swine, was tested by feeding 0, 25, 75, or 125 mg of fenbendazole/kg of body weight for 5 days. A dose-related transient leukopenia developed on day 7, but values returned to base line on day 15. In the groups fed 75 or 125 mg, sorbitol dehydrogenase activity increased on day 3 but returned to base line… (More)


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@article{Hayes1983SafetyOF, title={Safety of fenbendazole in swine.}, author={Randy Hayes and Felix Oehme and Heinz Leipold}, journal={American journal of veterinary research}, year={1983}, volume={44 6}, pages={1112-6} }