Safety evaluation of protein of silkworm (Antheraea pernyi) pupae.

  title={Safety evaluation of protein of silkworm (Antheraea pernyi) pupae.},
  author={Jun Zhou and Dingxian Han},
  journal={Food and chemical toxicology : an international journal published for the British Industrial Biological Research Association},
  volume={44 7},
The protein of silkworm pupae (PSP) has been thought to be a new available source of high quality protein that contains all the amino acids needed by the human body. The safety of PSP was evaluated systematically by a series of acute and sub-acute toxicological tests: (i) Acute toxicity test: The oral maximum tolerated dose of PSP was more than 15.0 g/kg body weight in mice, due to the absence of toxicity according to the criteria of acute toxic classifications; (ii) Mutagenicity test: PSP had… CONTINUE READING


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