Safety Assessment of Synthetic Fluorphlogopite as Used in Cosmetics.

  title={Safety Assessment of Synthetic Fluorphlogopite as Used in Cosmetics.},
  author={Lillian C Becker and Wilma Fowler Bergfeld and Donald V. Belsito and Ronald A. Hill and Curtis D. Klaassen and Daniel C. Liebler and James G. Marks and Ronald C. Shank and Thomas J. Slaga and Paul W. Snyder and F Alan Andersen},
  journal={International journal of toxicology},
  volume={34 3 Suppl},
The Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel (the Panel) reviewed the safety of synthetic fluorphlogopite as used in cosmetics. Synthetic fluorphlogopite functions as a bulking agent and a viscosity-increasing agent. The Panel reviewed available animal and human data related to this ingredient along with a previous safety assessment of other magnesium… CONTINUE READING