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Safety And Efficacy of Unani Compound Drug in Helicobacter Pylori Positive Antral Gastritis ( Warm-E-Meda Patients ) : A Controlled Study *

  title={Safety And Efficacy of Unani Compound Drug in Helicobacter Pylori Positive Antral Gastritis ( Warm-E-Meda Patients ) : A Controlled Study *},
  author={Rahida Hilal and Mehjabeen Fatimah and Anis Ismail and Iqbal Aziz and Tafseer Ali},
Warm-e-meda/gastritis is the prime concern in unani medicine and unani physicians emphasized on better functioning of stomach/meda. Acute gastritis, chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, atrophic gastritis, gastric carcinoma, primary gastric B-cell lymphoma are some of the manifestation of H. pylori infection. An appreciable number of unani mufrad (single) and murakkab (compound) drugs are used to treat them. In this study we evaluate the efficacy of a unani compound drug in endoscopically… 

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[Relation between Helicobacter pylori and pathogenesis of chronic atrophic gastritis and the research of its prevention and treatment].

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