Safe operating area for 1200-V nonlatchup bipolar-mode MOSFET's

  title={Safe operating area for 1200-V nonlatchup bipolar-mode MOSFET's},
  author={Akio Nakagawa and Yoshihiro Yamaguchi and K. Watanabe and H. Ohashi},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices},
This paper reports the safe operating area (SOA) for 1200-V nonlatchup bipolar-mode MOSFET's. The measured SOA limit, in terms of current density and drain-voltage product, reached 2.5 × 105W/cm2for 125°C-case temperature and 10-µs pulse operation conditions. It exceeded even the so-called "avalanche limit" for n-p-n bipolar transistors when the measurement was carried out under 25°C-case temperature conditions. These SOA's enable device protection from an abnormally large drain-current surge. 

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