Safe and Just Operating Space for India

  title={Safe and Just Operating Space for India},
  author={Ajishnu Roy and Kousik Pramanick},

Understanding the relationship between globalization and biophysical resource consumption within safe operating limits for major Belt and Road Initiative countries

Over the past few years, a growing number of scholars have explored environmental deterioration and its connection to various indicators acting as proxies for growth and globalisation. Taking this

The social shortfall and ecological overshoot of nations

Previous research has shown that no country currently meets the basic needs of its residents at a level of resource use that could be sustainably extended to all people globally. Using the



A good life for all within planetary boundaries

Humanity faces the challenge of how to achieve a high quality of life for over 7 billion people without destabilizing critical planetary processes. Using indicators designed to measure a ‘safe and

The Welsh Doughnut: A framework for environmental sustainability and social justice

The world faces twin challenges: delivering a decent standard of living for everyone, while living within our environmental limits. These two concerns are brought together in Oxfam’s Doughnut model,

Energies: An Illustrated Guide to the Biosphere and Civilization

Energy is the only universal currency. One of its many forms must be transformed into another in order for stars to shine, planets to rotate, living things to grow, and civilizations to evolve.