Safe and Decidable Type Checking in an Object-Oriented Language

  title={Safe and Decidable Type Checking in an Object-Oriented Language},
  author={Kim B. Bruce and Jonathan Crabtree and Thomas P. Murtagh and Robert van Gent and Allyn Dimock and Robert Muller},
Over the last several years, much interesting work has been done in modelling object-oriented programming languages in terms of extensions of the bounded second-order lambda calculus, Fr. Unfortunately, it has recently been shown by Pierce ([Pie92]) that type checking F< is undecidable. Moreover, he showed that the undecidability arises in t,he seemingly simpler problem of determining whether one type is a subtype of another. In [Bru93a, Bru93b], the fist author introduced a statically-typed… CONTINUE READING
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