Sadistic Fantasy, Sadistic Behaviour and Offending

  title={Sadistic Fantasy, Sadistic Behaviour and Offending},
  author={Malcolm J Macculloch and Peter Snowden and P J Wood and H. E. Mills},
  journal={British Journal of Psychiatry},
  pages={20 - 29}
Summary This paper explores the genesis of sadistic behaviour in men and its relationship to crime. Sixteen male special hospital patients, each with a diagnosis of psychopathic disorder, formed the basis of this descriptive study. In only three cases were the crimes explicable in terms of external circumstances and personality traits. The offences of the remaining 13 cases became comprehensible only when the offender's internal circumstances were explored: investigation revealed repetitive… 

Brittain's Sadistic Murderer Syndrome reconsidered: an associative account of the aetiology of sadistic sexual fantasy

The ground-breaking work of Brittain (1970) provided the template for subsequent investigations of the aetiology, development and careers of sadistic murderers. The current article revisits some of

Offender and offense characteristics of sexual sadists: a comparative study.

This paper compares the offender and offense characteristics of 30 sexually sadistic criminals studied by Dietz et al. with those of 29 sexually sadistic criminals and 28 nonsadistic sexual offenders

Sadistic and Violent Acts in the Young

This paper provides a review of the social impact, life course, and origins of violent and sadistic acts in children and adolescents. Origins of violent acts include child-centred

Confidentiality and a ‘Future’ Sadistic Sex Offender

The features of the following case report coincide closely with the descriptions given in these papers and also with that of Revitch (1965), however, there is one important distinction: the case requested help voluntarily and had no convictions for sexual offences.

The sexually sadistic criminal and his offenses.

This is an uncontrolled, descriptive study of 30 sexually sadistic criminals. All were men, and all intentionally tortured their victims in order to arouse themselves. Their crimes often involved

Sexual offending and antisocial personality: exploring the link

This paper explores the link between sexual offending and antisocial personality. Drawing on previous research, it illustrates that sex offenders with an antisocial personality are a heterogeneous

The sexually sadistic serial killer.

Characteristics and crime scene behavior of 20 sexually sadistic serial murderers are explored, i.e., the execution of murders that are well-planned, the use of preselected locations, captivity, a variety of painful sexual acts, sexual bondage, intentional torture, and death by means of strangulation and stabbing.

The psychological characteristics of sexual murderers

This thesis explores the offence of sexual homicide in psychiatric and non-psychiatric forensic populations using a variety of methods. Overall, this thesis reports a number of findings that are



Manifest sadomasochism of males: Results of an empirical study

Results are described with respect to the invisibility of deviant behavior, seeking of partners, participation in the subculture, realization of the deviant desires, self-acceptance, preferences for sadomasochistic roles and practices, masturbation, and coming out.

The Sadistic Murderer

It is important to distinguish the mtu-derer who kills in a sexual setting, as for example the killing of a taunting, imsatisfied sexual partner or killing to silence a victim of rape, from the true sadistic murderer who alone is considered m this paper, although these can be factors in his case also.

Sex Offenders: An Analysis of Types

The latest study from the Kinsey Institute, to determine whether persons convicted of sex offenses differ from other individuals, and if so, how, is a truly herculean labor. In a volume of almost 900

Men's erotic fantasies

Men who have more erotic fantasies during their heterosexual activity have the following characteristics: They have more frequent erotic fantasies outside of sexual activity, they are capable of controlling the timing of ejaculation during coitus, and they usually take an active role during their sexual activity.

Psychopathic States

Here we have a subject which, under various labels, has defied adequate definition. It is easier to say what psychopathic states are not, rather than what they are, and therefore this classification

Sexual Deviation and Crime

  • D. Power
  • Psychology
    Medicine, science, and the law
  • 1976
Results of the spelling tests indicate that there are 10 per cent more individuals of subaverage intel­ ligence amongst those convicted of sexual and/or offences involving non-sexual violence, as compared with those conviction of other offences.

The Psychoanalytic Theory of Neurosis

The Psychoanalytic Theory of Neurosis, Fenichel's classic text, summarized the first half century of psychoanalytic investigation into psychopathology and presented a general psychoanalytic theory of

A theory of the incubation of anxiety-fear responses.

  • H. Eysenck
  • Psychology
    Behaviour research and therapy
  • 1968

“A Theory of the Incubation of Anxiety/Fear Responses:” An Alternative

An alternative explanation of the extreme resistance to extinction common to operant avoidance paradigms is described. It is felt some inconsistencies in Eysenck's interpretation can be avoided.