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Saddam's Bombmaker: The Terrifying Inside Story of the Iraqi Nuclear and Biological Weapons Agenda

  title={Saddam's Bombmaker: The Terrifying Inside Story of the Iraqi Nuclear and Biological Weapons Agenda},
  author={C. Duelfer},
  journal={Middle East Journal},
  • C. Duelfer
  • Published 2001
  • Sociology
  • Middle East Journal
Saddam's Bombmaker: The Terrifying Inside Story of the Iraqi Nuclear and Biological Weapons Agenda, by Khidhir Hamza with Jeff Stein. New York: Scribner, 2000. 337 pages. Index to 352. $26. Reviewed by Charles Duelfer In Saddam's Bombmaker, Dr. Khidhir Hamza and Mr. Jeff Stein have provided a personal account of the Iraqi nuclear weapons program that is interesting to read and that illuminates some key aspects of the regime's energetic quest for the most destructive weapons possible. Three… Expand
“The Whole Operation of Deception”: Reconstructing President Bush’s Rhetoric of Weapons of Mass Destruction
Based on analyses of seven pre-war intelligence documents, we demonstrate that estimates of Iraq’s alleged weapons of mass destruction (WMD) programs were laced with ambiguities and contradictions.Expand
Deception in Covert Nuclear Weapons Development: A Framework to Identify, Analyze, and Mitigate Future Long-Term Deception Efforts
Abstract : On the second day of the Gulf War in 1991, U.S. defense officials claimed that air strikes the previous night had dealt a crippling blow to Iraqs small nuclear weapons program, thoughExpand
No End in Sight: The Continuing Menace of Nuclear Proliferation
The global threat of nuclear weapons is one of today's key policy issues. Using a wide variety of sources, including recently declassified information, Nathan E. Busch offers detailed examinations ofExpand
Advocates of the preventive use of force against emerging nuclear, biological, or chemical programs often look to the allegedly successful 1981 Israeli airstrike against Iraqi nuclear facilities atExpand
Israel's Attack on Osiraq: A Model for Future Preventive Strikes?
Abstract : This is the 59th volume in the Occasional Paper series of the U.S. Air Force Institute for National Security Studies (INSS). Twenty-four years ago, Israeli fighter pilots destroyed theExpand
The Nuclear Peace Fallacy: How Deterrence Can Fail
Some scholars counter-intuitively argue that the proliferation of nuclear weapons increases international security by substantially reducing the chances for inter-state armed conflict. This school ofExpand
War and the Iraq Dilemma: Facing Harsh Realities
"The children of darkness are evil because they know no law beyond the self. They are wise, though evil, because they understand the power of self-interest. The children of light are virtuous becauseExpand
An Influence Analysis of Dissuading Nation States from Producing and Proliferating Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)
Abstract : This thesis analyzes the influence of deterrence and dissuasion measures against nation-states in an effort to further prevent the production and proliferation of weapons of massExpand
Alternate Nuclear Proliferation Pathways in the Age of Non-State Actors
President Obama has stated that "the greatest threat to U.S. and global security is no longer a nuclear exchange between nations, but nuclear terrorism by violent extremists [1]." In the 2010, theExpand
Revisiting Osirak: Preventive Attacks and Nuclear Proliferation Risks
Thirty years after the Israeli attack on the Osirak reactor in June 1981 the consequences for Iraq's nuclear weapons program remain hotly debated. A new history of this program, based on several newExpand