Sacrifice in the Safaitic inscriptions in the light of new evidence

  title={Sacrifice in the Safaitic inscriptions in the light of new evidence},
  author={M. I. Ababneh and Rafe Harahsheh},
  journal={Acta Orientalia},
The inscriptions published in this paper are from the collection of a co-project between the Free University Berlin and the Department of Antiquities under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Rainer Voigt and Prof. Dr. Fawwaz Al-Khraysheh and the field team Mohammad I. Ababneh and Rafe Harahsheh. During the epigraphic survey in 2007 in the region of Eastern Badiyah, we have recorded a collection of Safaitic inscriptions and drawings from the area of Tall ar-Rāhib. 

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