Sacrifice Unveiled or Sacrifice Revisited: Trinitarian and Liturgical Perspectives

  title={Sacrifice Unveiled or Sacrifice Revisited: Trinitarian and Liturgical Perspectives},
  author={Robert J. Daly},
  journal={Theological Studies},
  pages={24 - 42}
  • R. Daly
  • Published 1 February 2003
  • Philosophy
  • Theological Studies
[Recognizing that the Christ event has done away with sacrifice in the history-of-religions sense of the word, this article attempts to unveil the true meaning of Christian sacrifice from trinitarian and liturgical perspectives which enable us to see that sacrifice is, first, the self-offering of the Father in the gift of the Son, and then the free self-offering response of the Son in his humanity, and in completion, the faithful, in the power of the Spirit, being taken up into that Father-Son… 

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