Sacred Surplus and Pentecostal Too-Muchness: The Salvation Economy of African Megachurches

  title={Sacred Surplus and Pentecostal Too-Muchness: The Salvation Economy of African Megachurches},
  author={Asonzeh Ukah},
  journal={Handbook of Megachurches},
  • Asonzeh Ukah
  • Published 8 November 2019
  • History
  • Handbook of Megachurches
The beginning of the Christian Church is usually associated with the coming of the Holy Spirit upon the frightened followers of Jesus as narrated in Acts of the Apostle (Chapter 2). After Peter summoned courage to speak to the gathered “multitude”, the story concludes that many of those who heard the word, believed and were baptised and were added to the church numbered “about three thousand” (Acts 2:41). Were this base community to be meeting weekly for liturgical purposes, it would have… 

From small country churches to explosion into megachurches: A modern Pentecostal cultural fit for the Assemblies of God in South Africa

The contribution that this article makes is to demonstrate how the sociocultural factors contribute towards Pentecostal explosion in South Africa. It unravels the ecclesial evolution of one

Fluid Theologies: Shifts and Changes of African Pentecostalism

  • N. Sande
  • Political Science
    Journal for the Study of Religion
  • 2021
The claim of 'being led by the Holy Spirit' has caused African Pentecostals to develop weak fluid theologies. The problem is exacerbated by the deepening of economic inequalities, unstable politics,



Fire From Heaven: The Rise Of Pentecostal Spirituality And The Reshaping Of Religion In The Twenty-first Century

It was born a scant ninety-five years ago in a rundown warehouse on Azusa Street in Los Angeles. For days the religious-revival service there went on and on-and within a week the Los Angeles Times

The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God in South Africa: a church of strangers

The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG), a church of Brazilian origin, has been enormously successful in establishing branches and attracting followers in postapartheid South Africa. Unlike

Emplacing god: the social worlds of miracle cities – perspectives from Nigeria and Uganda

  • Asonzeh Ukah
  • Sociology
    Journal of Contemporary African Studies
  • 2018
ABSTRACT This paper explores the complex, dynamic and multifaceted transformations in Africa’s religious field through a critical and comparative investigation of two high contrast prayer camps

Building God's City: The Political Economy of Prayer Camps in Nigeria

The proliferation of religious spaces is a relatively recent development in Nigeria. Nowadays there are more than a hundred religious camps belonging to different religious groups in the country. The

The Promise of Salvation: A Theory of Religion

Why has religion persisted across the course of human history? Secularists have predicted the end of faith for a long time, but religions continue to attract followers. Meanwhile, scholars of

Pentecostalism, Globalisation, and Islam in Northern Cameroon: Megachurches in the Making?

The global aspects of the new Pentecostal churches in northern Cameroon are in this volume discussed through descriptions of the movement's relationship with mainline churches, traditional religion,

The New Faces of Christianity: Believing the Bible in the Global South

I. Shall the Fundamentalists Win? 2. Power in the Book 3. Old And New 4. Poor and Rich 5. Good And Evil 6. Persecution And Vindication 7. Women And Men 8. North And South Notes APPENDIX ONE: Psalm 91

Isaiah Shembe's Hymns and the Sacred Dance in Ibandla Lamanazaretha

In this book, Sithole explores the hymns of Isaiah Shembe as poetic texts that voice Shembe's concerns and the sacred dance as part of worship in Ibandla LamaNazaretha.

Religions Resources and Church Growth

Cet article modelise la croissance des organisations religieuses en tant que « produit » derive des intrants en temps et en argent. Considerant les mesures de l'assistance a la messe et des donations


  • M. Ashar
  • Computer Science
    The International Encyclopedia of Higher Education Systems and Institutions
  • 2020
This deliverable is the final report of Task 3.2.3 on the management and exploitation of context information and on learning algorithms for radio environment and traffic map prediction.