Sacral fractures complicating thoracolumbar fusion to the sacrum.

  title={Sacral fractures complicating thoracolumbar fusion to the sacrum.},
  author={Elias Ch Papadopoulos and Frank P. Cammisa and Federico Pablo Girardi},
  volume={33 19},
STUDY DESIGN Case series. OBJECTIVE To report on the rare complication of sacral fractures after long instrumented thoracolumbar fusions to the sacrum. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Rigid spinal fusion with instrumentation results in redistribution of forces in the spine that can cause the adjacent segments to degenerate and fail. Rarely in long thoraco-lumbosacral fusion, these forces may lead to sacral fractures; only 4 cases are reported in the literature. METHODS Five patients with… CONTINUE READING

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