Saccular aneurysms of meningeal artery: case report.


OBJECTIVE AND IMPORTANCE A rare observation of double saccular aneurysms of the meningeal artery is presented. CLINICAL PRESENTATION This 22-year-old man was referred to the Neurosurgical Institute with a suspicion of an aneurysm of the anterior communicating artery. Bilateral angiography of the carotid arteries was performed 1 week after the subarachnoid… (More)


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@article{Zubkov1998SaccularAO, title={Saccular aneurysms of meningeal artery: case report.}, author={Y. N. Zubkov and Dmitry E. Matsko and Vitali Pak}, journal={Neurosurgery}, year={1998}, volume={42 3}, pages={664-6} }