Sabeluzole stabilizes the neuronal cytoskeleton

  title={Sabeluzole stabilizes the neuronal cytoskeleton},
  author={Hugo Geerts and Rony Nuydens and Marion de Jong and Frans Cornelissen and R. P. A. Nuyens and L. Lee Wouters},
  journal={Neurobiology of Aging},
There is growing evidence that cytoskeletal instability of neuronal cells is an important step towards tangle formation and subsequent functional disconnection in the AD brain. Sabeluzole, a new drug in clinical trials for Alzheimer's disease (AD), has been shown to slow down the clinical progression of the disease. In a search for the mechanism of action of this compound, the effect of sabeluzole on the neuronal cytoskeleton was investigated. Previous studies have shown that in human TR14… CONTINUE READING