Saúde mental, suporte familiar e adesão ao tratamento: associações no contexto HIV/Aids

  title={Sa{\'u}de mental, suporte familiar e ades{\~a}o ao tratamento: associaç{\~o}es no contexto HIV/Aids},
  author={Luiza Azem Camargo and Cl{\'a}udio Garcia Capit{\~a}o and Elvira Maria Ventura Filipe},
The patient’s adherence to the antiretroviral drug therapy has been one of the biggest challenges in the HIV/Aids context. Among the many implicated factors, this study sought to study the factors related to mental disorders and family support, investigating their association with the adhesion. For that matter, a semi-structured questionnaire composed by social-demographic, clinical and adherence information was applied. The Goldberg General Health Questionnaire (GHQ) and the Perceived Family… CONTINUE READING