SUSY-QCD corrections to the MSSM $h^0 b \bar b$ vertex in the decoupling limit

  title={SUSY-QCD corrections to the MSSM \$h^0 b \bar b\$ vertex in the decoupling limit},
  author={Howard E. Haber and Maria Herrero and Heather E. Logan and Siannah Pe{\~n}aranda and Stefano Rigolin and David Temes},
We analyze the supersymmetric (SUSY) QCD contribution to the $h^0 b \bar{b}$ coupling at one loop in the Minimal Supersymmetric Model (MSSM) in the decoupling limit. Analytic expressions in the large SUSY mass region are derived and the decoupling behavior of the corrections is examined in various limiting cases, where some or all of the SUSY mass parameters become large. We show that in the decoupling limit of large SUSY mass parameters and large CP-odd Higgs mass, the $h^0 b \bar b$ coupling… 
Supersymmetric QCD corrections to associated Higgs boson-bottom quark production
The associated production of a Higgs boson with a b quark is a discovery mode for a minimal supersymmetric standard model (MSSM) Higgs boson at large tan{beta}. We compute the SUSY QCD corrections