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SUSY Equation Topology, Zonohedra, and the Search for Alternate Off-Shell Adinkras

  title={SUSY Equation Topology, Zonohedra, and the Search for Alternate Off-Shell Adinkras},
  author={Keith A. Burghardt and Sylvester James Gates},
  journal={arXiv: Representation Theory},
Results are given from a search to form adinkra-like equations based on topologies that are not hypercubes. An alternate class of zonohedra topologies are used to construct adinkra-like graphs. In particular, the rhombic dodecahedron and rhombic icosahedron are studied in detail. Using these topological skeletons, equations similar to those of a supersymmetric system are found. But these fail to have the interpretation of an off-shell supersymmetric system of equations. 



Topology Types of Adinkras and the Corresponding Representations of N -Extended Supersymmetry

A relationship between Adinkra diagrams and quotients of N-dimensional cubes is demonstrated, and how these quotient groups correspond precisely to doubly even binary linear error-correcting codes provides a means for describing equivalence classes of Adinkras and therefore supermultiplets.

4D, = 1 supersymmetry genomics (I)

Presented in this paper the nature of the supersymmetrical representation theory behind 4D, = 1 theories, as described by component fields, is investigated using the tools of Adinkras and Garden

Adinkras: A graphical technology for supersymmetric representation theory

We present a symbolic method for organizing the representation theory of one-dimensional superalgebras. This relies on special objects, which we have called adinkra symbols, which supply tangible


We explain how the redefinitions of supermultiplet component fields, comprising what we call "frame shifts," can be used in conjuction with the graphical technology of multiplet Adkinras to render

The suggestion that zonohedra be considered as the starting point for the possible construction of adinkras was made to SJG by Erik Dumaine