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  author={Syed M. Ahmed and Salman Azhar and Irtishad Ahmad},
UPPLY chain management (SCM) is a concept that has originated in the manufacturing industry to control logistics. It represents a management process by which enterprises administer and control the worldwide network of suppliers, factories, warehouses, distribution centers and retailers through which raw materials are acquired, transformed and delivered to customers. In construction, procurement and procurement related activities occur during all phases of a construction project. Because of… Expand
Construction Supply Chain Management Systems in Lagos State , Nigeria
The management of Construction Supply Chain has a profound effect on profitability and project expectations in terms of cost, time, and quality and risk reduction. Large numbers of suppliers involvedExpand
3Construction project involves various disciplines of engineering and a network of entities for the execution of quality work. The requirement of the client which is the basic objective of anyExpand
Does supply chain performance mediates the relationship between critical supply chain management components and organizational performance
Introduction Supply Chain Management is a complex subject, which is an important determinant of success or failure of any manufacturing enterprise. Many manufacturing operations are designed toExpand
Improving the Supply Chain of Housing Industrialization from Transaction Costs Perspective : A Literature Review
Sustainable development has been the focus of all major industries in the world, especially in the construction industry. As one of the sustainable construction modes, housing industrialization (HI)Expand
A Critical Literature Review of Impact of Supply Chain Management Practice on Construction Project Performance
Construction business is the second largest financial activity in India. Construction industry in India can be separated into primary three market fragments: Real Estate, Industrial andExpand
Assessment of supply chain management in Nigerian construction industry for effective project delivery in Imo State, Nigeria
This paper on assessment of supply Chain Management (SCM) in Effective Project Delivery in the Nigerian Construction Industry in Imo state focused on identifying the challenges of construction supplyExpand
Collaborative Supply Chain Management (SCM) Tools for Improved Teamwork in Construction Projects
A number of SCM Collaborative Tools have been identified, elaborated and discussed in this paper; which is expected to serve as a guide towards adopting SCM into construction project practices and thus, achieve the benefits it has to offer. Expand
Supply Chain Management (SCM): The Extent of its Application and Features in the Successful Delivery of Construction Projects
This study specifically sought to identify the extent and level of awareness of and adoption of the concept of SCM, identify and evaluate key features of SCM for successful construction projectExpand
Framework for Construction Industries Project Scheduling Methodology and GA meta-heuristic Procedure
Project management is a crucial managerial process for every company. The construction industry is the second largest industry of the country after agriculture. To create a good schedule might beExpand
Generating Value in Alliance Contracts Through the Lean Concept
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Roles of supply chain management in construction
Supply chain management (SCM) is a concept that has flourished in manufacturing, originating from Just-In-Time (JIT) production and logistics. Today, SCM represents an autonomous managerial concept,Expand
Introduction to Supply Chain Management
1. Introduction to Supply Chain Management. Information Systems and Supply Chain Management. Inventory Management across the Supply Chain. Supply Chain Relationships. Challenges Facing Supply ChainExpand
Using Inventory for Competitive Advantage through Supply Chain Management
Competitive pressures will force major changes in inventory management in the next few years. Changes will result from businesses identifying and capitalising on the opportunities to manage theirExpand
Lamb‐buying preferences of Canadian abattoirs and producer marketing groups: implications for the Canadian supply chain
The Canadian lamb industry is small compared to lamb industries in many other countries and the supply chain for lamb is weak and fragmented. Without improvements in the flow of information, productExpand
The Integrated Supply Chain Management System
This paper describes the goals and architecture of the Integrated Supply Chain Man- agement System (ISCM) being developed at the University of Toronto. ISCM provides an approach to the realtimeExpand
Supply Chain Management in Construction " . A Special Presentation at the Hong Kong Institute of Engineers Meeting
  • Supply Chain Management in Construction " . A Special Presentation at the Hong Kong Institute of Engineers Meeting
  • 2000
What's Wrong with This Picture?
Aspects of Culture and Supply Chain Management – using SCM as a 'tool' for cultural change
  • Proceedings of CIB TG-23 Workshop
  • 2000
“ Aspects of Culture and Supply Chain Management – using SCM as a ‘ tool ’ for cultural change
  • 2000