SUIF: An Infrastructure for Research on Parallelizing and Optimizing Compilers

  title={SUIF: An Infrastructure for Research on Parallelizing and Optimizing Compilers},
  author={Robert P. Wilson and Robert S. French and Christopher S. Wilson and Saman P. Amarasinghe and Jennifer-Ann M. Anderson and Steven W. K. Tjiang and Shih-Wei Liao and Chau-Wen Tseng and Mary W. Hall and Monica S. Lam and John L. Hennessy},
  journal={SIGPLAN Notices},
Compiler infrastructures that support experimental research are crucial to the advancement of high-performance computing. New compiler technology must be implemented and evaluated in the context of a complete compiler, but developing such an infrastructure requires a huge investment in time and resources. We have spent a number of years building the SUIF compiler into a powerful, flexible system, and we would now like to share the results of our efforts.SUIF consists of a small, clearly… CONTINUE READING
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