SU-F-T-135: A Retrospective Analysis of the Impact of Range Uncertainty in Brain Patients.

  title={SU-F-T-135: A Retrospective Analysis of the Impact of Range Uncertainty in Brain Patients.},
  author={K. Grantham and L. Santanam and S. Goddu and B. Sun and T. Zhang and S. Mutic and C. Robinson and J. Huang and S. Perkins and C. Tsien and J. Bradley and T. Zhao},
  journal={Medical physics},
  volume={43 6},
PURPOSE We retrospectively evaluate the dosimetric impact of a 3.5% range uncertainty on CTV coverage and normal organ toxicity for a cohort of brain patients. METHODS Twenty treatment plans involving 20 brain cancer patients treated with Mevions S250 were reviewed. Forty uncertain plans were made by changing the ranges in original plans by ±3.5% while keeping all devices unchanged. Fidelity to the original plans was evaluated with gamma index. Changes in generalized equivalent uniform dose… Expand
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