SU(N ) gauge theories in 2+1 dimensions: glueball spectra and k-string tensions

  title={SU(N ) gauge theories in 2+1 dimensions: glueball spectra and k-string tensions},
  author={Andreas Athenodorou and M. Teper},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
A bstractWe calculate the low-lying glueball spectrum and various string tensions in SU(N ) lattice gauge theories in 2 + 1 dimensions, and extrapolate the results to the continuum limit. We do so for for the range N ∈ [2, 16] so as to control the N -dependence with a useful precision. We observe a number of striking near-degeneracies in the various JPC sectors of the glueball spectrum, in particular between C = + and C = − states. We calculate the string tensions of flux tubes in a number of… 
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